Responsibilities for Homework

The role of the pupil

  • To listen to homework instructions in class.
  • To copy down instructions for the task and deadline date into the homework diary.
  • To ensure that homework is completed and handed in to meet the deadline.
  • To attempt all work and give their best.
  • To inform the class teacher of any difficulties.

The role of the Mentor

  • To include homework in pupil mentoring where appropriate.
  • To see that homework is being set and recorded.
  • To check that the diary is being signed by the parent/guardian.
  • To note and respond to any comments written in diaries by parents.
  • To contact home if homework issues persist.

The role of the Class Teacher

The class teacher controls the direction of homework and the nature of tasks undertaken.

The teacher will:

  • Set homework according to the timetable.
  • To make sure the homework is provided on Show My Homework / Sims
  • Provide the stimulus.
  • Give full and comprehensive instructions including marking criteria
  • Set deadlines for completed work and ensure that they are met.
  • Mark (with students) homework promptly.
  • Provide the opportunity and time to improve work based on assessment.

The role of the Parents

The role of the parent is crucial if a child is to gain success from homework. To reinforce its value through positive feedback will give students the confidence to persevere, work hard and reach high standards of achievement.

Parents can assist by:

  1. Providing a table, chair and a quiet place to work.
  2. Checking homework has been set on Show My Homework
  3. Negotiating with the student when homework is to be done as a student's free play is important too.
  4. Checking the time spent on individual tasks.
  5. Checking presentation and content of all homework being returned to school.
  6. Signing the homework planner each week.
  7. Providing the school with information about any problems through the student planner or by contacting the school directly.
Click here to download the Parental Engagement Guide
Click here to download the Getting The Best Out of Homework Guide


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