With our modern lives being wrapped in technology the importance of eSafety increases on an almost daily basis. Here at Herne Bay High School with are continuously updating our procedures, practices, resources and training to ensure both our staff and students stay safe online.

Although Herne Bay High School imposes rigorous internet filtering for staff and students we have little control over the content students access at home or on their mobile phones.

This page is intended to provide resources for students, parents and carers, as well as an online method for reporting any concerns that you may feel we as a school should be aware of.

The animation below produced by ins@fe is aimed to educate parents and carers on children’s safety online:

For more information on the ‘Digital Universe of your Child’ please click here

When educating our students on eSafety we regularly refer to the CEOP and thinkUknow websites. Both these sites contain fantastic resources for educating and protecting our student online and are highly recommended by our school.

KCC Young People, ICT & eSafety Advice Guide 
Parents’ guide to the latest social media and instant messaging trends

CEOP and The Parent Zone have recently come together to provide a fantastic new resource for parents and schools named parentINFO. This resource is regularly updated with new news articles aimed at providing parents and schools with up to date information and advice.

Below we have selected some sections from this resource that we feel may be of interest to our parents, students and teachers:





If you have any concerns that you would like the school to investigate please complete the form below including as much information as possible.

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