Restaurant & Menu

At Herne Bay High School our in-house catering service provides healthy, value for money meals made from the freshest, high quality, local produce.

All food and drinks on sale in school form part of a healthy diet and conform with school food standards.

A wide range of food is on offer during the three services provided during the school day.

Breakfast 8:00am to 08:30am

Before lessons begin, students can have the most important meal of the day in a relaxed and friendly environment. On offer are a choice of cereals, porridge, yoghurt, prepared fresh fruit, toast, griddles bacon roll, hot and cold drinks and fruit juices. (ranging from 32p to £1.27)

Break 10:35am

A range of fresh bakery items are offered such as baguettes, rolls, wraps and hot pastries as well as cold pasta pots, fresh fruit pots and crudities with dips. (ranging from 32p to £1.95)

Lunch 12:35

Students can choose from: -

  • The main meal - a hot meal and dessert (£2.48)
  • Jacket potatoes - with hot or cold filling and side salad (£1.71)
  • Pasta bar - hot pasta with a selection of sauces and side salad (£1.71)
  • Snack bar - sandwich, rolls, baguettes, wraps, cold pasta pots, fruit pots and crudités (ranging from 88p to £1.95)
  • Go Bags - roll, drink, fruit and a muffin (£2.48)
  • Poughmans or boxed salads (£2.17)


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Please click here to apply online for Free School Meals (Years 7 - 11)
Please click here to apply download a Free School Meals PDF Application (Years 7 - 11)

Please click here for information on Free School Meals (Years 12 -14)

Please note that applications for Free School Meals Years 12 - 14 require the completion of the 16-19 Bursary Application Form.


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