Year 8 DigiGirlz

On Friday 27th April, a group of year 8 students were invited to participate in a DigiGirlz event at Microsoft UK Headquarters in Reading.  This is a global event with the aim to inspire girls into choosing STEM-based (Science Technology Engineering Maths) careers.  The event started with a talk by Cindy Rose, CEO of Microsoft UK who spoke to students about her experience of working within the industry.  After the talk, she personally met with students from HBHS and answered their questions. There was also the opportunity to listen to a computer scientist who has created a number of coded programs that supports medical advances.  The girls found this talk interesting and were surprised by the inventions they were shown and the ability to make a positive impact on everyday life.

After listening to inspiring individuals, the students were involved in a ‘maker challenge’.  This required them to work in a team to identify a problem and program a Microbit in order to provide a suitable solution.  The students had to design a presentation to enable them to pitch their ideas to four different individuals who judged each groups idea against a number of challenging criteria.  Our students worked very well on this task and developed their presentation skills throughout the event.  We were runners-up in the social impact award for the idea of a sensor that results in a vibrating surface at road crossings to allow hearing and visually impaired individuals the ability to determine when a car is approaching a crossing.

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