History Day at the University of Kent

Miss Fairbard, Mr Collison and Mrs Shaw accompanied 21 Year 9 and 10 students to the University of Kent at Canterbury on Wednesday 18th April 2018. This was a day organised for local Kent schools run by the University outreach programme.

The day was specifically for our most able students focusing on the theme of propaganda. The students were welcomed by Dr Will Butler who gave an introductory lecture on the theme for the day. The students were then split into groups to attend various workshops run by lecturers at the University, doctorate and postgraduate students. The workshops included:

·      Cartoons as propaganda which involved going into the library archive and handling primary evidence.
·      ‘Theatres of war’: conflict and film since 1914
·      Propaganda Products: Advertising the British Empire
·      Selling the Tudor Monarchy

Miss Fairbard said "The students and staff found the workshops interesting and built upon the History skills they had already gained in school. Hopefully, some students might even be inspired to eventually study History at University!"

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