Community Alcohol Partnership Launch

On Friday 20th April, the school's Boys Dance Company and the Maniacals Theatre Company were invited to join Mr Boyes at the launch of the Herne Bay Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) at the King's Hall.

The event, which was attended by local dignitaries, representatives from trading standards, Kent Police, the NHS and local education providers, introduced the partnership which endeavours to challenge underage drinking in the town and the antisocial behaviour associated with it, as part of a greater national programme tackling the consumption of alcohol by those under 18.

The CAP will empower the community to not only tackle the issue of underage drinking, but also to champion the achievements of young people and this is where our students played a big part in the launch event as they were able to showcase what young people are capable of and how they are able to change mindsets.
There will be an opportunity in the coming months for the CAP to work with the school and our students about alcohol awareness.

Speaking after the event, Mr Boyes said: "The feedback from everyone there was they were blown away by the calibre, maturity, emotion and commitment of our students. It was a wake-up call for some peoples’ perceptions. My thanks go to the staff and every student who attended, I look forward to future support for us from many of the represented organisations."

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