Trainee Teachers from Japan visit Herne Bay High

On the 5th March, Herne Bay High School welcomed 9 trainee PE teachers from Japan who are on a stay in England with Chaucer College. These trainees were able to observe various PE lessons throughout the day where they learnt about the culture of education in England in comparison to what they have experienced themselves in Japan.

Chaucer College has expressed gratitude to all staff involved on the day and all the students who welcomed their trainees into the school and added to their experience. They were overwhelmed with the kindness and enthusiasm of all students that they had met. Along with this many Year 8 students had the opportunity to take part in a workshop that focused on comparisons of the Japanese culture of calligraphy, origami, Japanese language and traditions which were taught by the trainees. All pupils enjoyed learning these Japanese skills and would like to experience something like this to happen again.

Due to the brilliant support and pupil engagement throughout the day, Chaucer College would like to arrange this visit again next year.  Miss Capon would like to thank all staff and students that supported with this event with a special thank you to Abigail Lees and Jake Lockyer who gave an outstanding tour of the school to these visitors.


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