GCSE Results - 24th August 2017

We are delighted that the hard work and commitment of our students has resulted in them achieving such an impressive set of GCSE and BTEC results, which compare favourably with last year’s record breaking results.

Dr Owen,  Herne Bay High School's principal who will be retiring at the end of this month stated, "I am particularly proud of these results, given the additional challenge this year of the introduction of new GCSE courses, assessments and grading systems in English and maths.  The staff and students have worked hard to achieve such impressive results and I am sure that their parents, families and the wider community of Herne Bay will want to join me in congratulating them.”

The school is delighted that in both English and mathematics, over 60% of the cohort achieved good GCSE passes.  Impressive results have also been achieved across a wide range of courses, including the humanities subjects, business studies and the visual and performing arts, health & social care and sport.

In particular, individual successes include the following students who have achieved a high number of A*’s, A’s and B grades or their equivalents.

Jasmine Amos; Alicia Chevalier; Olivia Cross; Ella Eastwood; Qiang He Jin; Charlie Holmes; Nathan Jones; Kelsie Lee-Jarman; Orla Priston; Jody & Paige Rabbits; Maisie Rowe-Drake; Kellie Smith; Ellie Spriggs; Isabella Williams

Mr Boyes, the school’s new principal, stated, “All the changes to the examination structure this year has put extra pressure on both staff and students. I am more than impressed with the results that have been achieved and congratulate everyone for all their hard work in reaching these outcomes. I am excited and honoured to be taking the reins at Herne Bay High School and will continue to build on the strengths shown with these results”

The school is looking forward to welcoming back the vast majority of its last year's Year 11 students to its sixth form in September.

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