School Sports Partnership

The Herne Bay & East Kent Coastal School Sports Partnership lies across two districts within the county of Kent – Canterbury & Swale. The partnership was established in September 2003 and since expansion in September 2006 consists of 34 schools.

The partnership brings together 6 secondary, 27 primary and one pupil referral unit to work together to improve PE and School Sport. These schools are predominantly from Herne Bay, Whitstable and Faversham, with 2 secondary schools and three primary schools located in Canterbury. In total, the partnership serves approximately 12,500 pupils.

Herne Bay High Specialist School & Sports College, acts as the hub centre. The Partnership Manager, two full time School Sports Co-ordinators and the Coach Programme Co-ordinator are based here. The team has in addition 2 other part time SSCo’s and numerous sports coaches.

The Herne Bay & East Kent Coastal partnership seeks to ensure that all children are able to access a high quality PE curriculum. 93% of pupils within the partnership are now taking part in at least 2 hours of PE and School Sport per week and 57% in 3 hours or more.

The key focus in primary schools is the development of fundamental and core skills that will lay the foundation of athletic excellence which can be built on by teaching sports specific skills by specialists within secondary schools and community clubs.

The partnership has 6 different target areas for development work:

  • To improve and increase the provision of High Quality PE for all students
  • To increase the opportunities for all young people to participate in a range of high quality activities on school site
  • To increase the  opportunities for all young people to participate in a range of high quality activities in a community environment
  • To increase provision for all young people to develop their potential ( SEN, Gifted and Talented, performance related competitions and recreational competitions)
  • To increase the number of opportunities for pupils to take part in leadership and volunteering roles.

In order to achieve these targets, the partnership has to bring together a whole plethora of different people and agencies. Primary Link Teachers ( primary PE-co-ordinators) work closely with the SSCo’s to produce detailed action plans to develop their schools. Other people involved include: parents, volunteers, coaches and community club representatives. The PDM links with other local, county and national agencies such as Sports Development Officers, County PE Advisors, National Governing Bodies and the County Sports Partnership.

With all these people “working together” to achieve one goal, the impact has been very significant. The Herne Bay & East Kent Coastal Partnership uses PE and School Sport as a tool for having whole school and  community impact. It strives to eradicate barriers to participation so that everyone, no matter what ability, age or gender, will have equal opportunities to access PE and Sport.

The key to our partnership’s success is that we all share the same dedication, passion and drive to make a lifelong impact on our pupils lives.

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