Self Harm Guidance

What is self-harm?

Self-harm is behaviour that is done deliberately to harm oneself.

Self-harm can include, for example:

  • self-cutting
  • taking an overdose
  • hitting or bruising
  • intentionally taking too little or too
  • much medication
  • burning
  • hanging
  • suffocation

Although some people who self-harm may be suicidal, self-harm is often used as a way of managing difficult emotions without being a suicide attempt. However, self-harming can result in accidental death.

Please click here to download a PDF guide for parents/carers about self-harming

This document is the result of a research project by  the Royal College of Psychiatrists who estimate that self-harming affects around 10 – 15% of young people.  

The attached guide has information on topics including understanding self-harm, managing injuries, sources of help and looking after parents’/carers’ own needs.

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