Key Stage 4 Exam Support

Year 10 and 11 Exam and Revision Information for Students and Parents

The aim is to provide helpful advice about the exams to students and parents.

Revision Tips


Click Here to download Term 5 2018 Revision Booklet
Click Here to download Term 5 2018 Revision Timetable

We have been working on an entirely new site devoted to revision, exam resources and guidance for our students. You can log into this site using your school computer login.

Please click here to go to the new student revision portal

The new portal will work on any device you wish to use and has embedded Microsoft Office applications to allow you to view these resources regardless of if you have Microsoft Office installed on your device or not.


Past Papers

Each subject has included past papers within our new student revision portal for you to download and practice with. You can also find additional past papers on our school shared drive which can be accessed using home access plus from the student menu at the top of this page.



Revision Sites

Please click here to go to BBC GCSE Bitesize 

This is a revision site provided by the BBC and covers most subjects.  It is one of the most popular revision sites.

Please click here to go to BBC Professor John Dunlosky Interview

This link takes you to a really useful interview with Prof. John Dunlosky covering revision techniques.

Please click here to go to Get Revising
This site offers tips and advice on how to revise and is well worth a look.
A guide to Spaced repetition: a hack to make your brain store information

This link is to a video on using spaced repetition.

Please click here to view a YouTube Revision Techniques Playlist

This link is for a Revision Techniques playlist that has been compiled on youtube.

Please click here to download the 'Prepare to Perform' planner

This is a diary to help students plan their revision and exam days effectively.

Please click here to download the parental guide to 'Prepare to Perform'

This is a guide to help parents/carers support their child through their exams

Please click here to download the 'Prepare to Perform' recipe booklet

This guide provides 20 healthy recipes designed especially to enhance performance, concentration and energy in exams

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